Gravity, romance, and musical capers. 

OD’s repertoire is characterized by its tremendous range. The same is true of the choir’s recurring concerts, which constitute the foundation of the annual calendar: the Spring Concert, the Serenade Concert, and the Caprice.

The Spring Concert

The Spring Concert in April can be said to be the artistic highpoint of the year. Classic Nordic spring songs are included, of course, but the emphasis is on serious, often newly composed, music. The Spring Concert features world premiers of many freshly written works, some that challenge both the audience and the choir.


Walpurgis Eve

On walpurgis eve 30 April each year OD enters the stage at Uppsala University Hall to greet the coming spring. This is a free concert that is often broadcast on radio and in recent years it has been shown on big screens outside in the University Park so that those who couldn't get a seat in the Hall also can enjoy the traditional Swedish spring songs.


The Serenade Consert

The Serenade Concert in June has a lighter, early summer ambiance and can rather be described as a tranquil moment where beautiful words and tones come together, recited or played by a special invited guest.


The Caprice

The Caprice in December, finally, is a concert that does not fit any pattern: a musical caper, and OD’s most popular concert. The word caprice means “whim” and “impulse,” and in the encounter with secret guest artists, just about anything can happen. Recent guest artists have included internationally renowned opera stars such as Malena Ernman, Peter Mattei, and Anne Sofie von Otter and many artists and comedians greatly acclaimed in Sweden.